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Ms. Sylvia started her journey into her love of sewing at the age of 10. By the time she was headed to middle school she had created her "first line" of clothing for herself. That love of sewing has stretched over 40 years. She has created/designed in many areas including daywear, evening wear, bridal, proms, baby bedding, home decor, and plus size girl clothing. She has worked in the fashion industry for the past 33 years as a pattern maker. But her real love has always been sewing. She is excited to share her "tools of the trade secrets" to aspiring young designers. Ms. Sylvia is a pattern maker/designer, entrepreneur, teacher, and mother (All 3 of her children have the initials R.T.) She holds an AA in Fashion Design from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. She also holds a Certificate of Completion from ZOE School of Economic Development, and  a Certificate of Completion from Dare 2B Different Business Mega Camp.


We are excited to share our love of sewing with your child. Sewing is a creative expression that fills up time throughout the day when your child may say "I'm bored and don't have ANYTHING to do!" 

Our vision here is to inspire and help bring out the creative talent that is within your child. We want to build self confidence that says " I created THIS with my own two hands!" It is to build decision making skills. It is teaching to accept responsibility for one's own actions as part of the learning process. Control and skill will come with PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. These lessons are to inspire sewing as a hobby or a money making business. With these classes children will learn PATIENCE (ahhh so VERY necessary), the importance of reading skill ( needed to read pattern/sewing instructions), the importance of basic math skills (needed to measure projects), and even more so, they will learn by trial and error. Anyone who was once a sewing student knows that many first mistakes can be easily transformed as an invention on a project. It is important to us to remind our students of this as they grow and create. There is no wrong action, no wrong stitch, no wrong question to ask. 

We introduce basic fashion design concepts, allowing them to choose and create what appeals to their eye. Classes are no more than 6 students per session. This helps to ensure that each child gets lots of individual attention whether a beginner or advanced learner. Our classes are for children 8-16 years of age. At R.T. Kids Can Sew, we strive to make sure each child enjoys their lessons, expands on their individual talents to make each project their own, and that they have a blast! :)